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Where righteous men are broken
And the stalwart tremble with fear
Where nightmares loom and blight coats the moon
Oh, you’ll find us there

We stand that line between blood and fire
For neither law nor profit do we fight
We valiant fools who laugh at sorrow
Our only cause to do what's right

 And here, the darkness unfurls before us
A beckoning hell of no return
We rally together, we steel our hearts
Into the nightmare we soldier on...

 Honor. Truth. Justice.


We are the flame that holds back the darkness!

Welcome to Lime Odyssey's Obsidian Guild Website. If you're a member of the guild, please feel free to sign up now! Just make sure to send a message to either myself (ZenFishy) or to Catzy, so we can manually approve your account.

If you're not a member of the guild, then I am sorry, but the site is members only. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to join the guild.   
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